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A tragic event starts a doomsday clock on the life of Peter Douglas; the patriarch of the wealthy and proper Douglas family of Boston.

Critical Care is a suspenseful, fast paced, family medical drama set in a prominent Boston hospital. From the opening chapter it's a life and death race against time for Peter that pits greed against morality, self against self, colleagues and family members against each other. Critical Care immerses us in the intimate themes of the here and now and the unknown space we call faith and destiny.

Peter's son Brian takes charge in an attempt to prevent the death of his father while trying to manage a complex mix of family, politics and intrigue to avoid disaster, forcing all to face some of life's most important questions.

What are your priorities and what are you willing to risk fulfilling them? How much integrity do you live your daily life with? What value do you place on good health and the freedom it provides?

How close and open are you with your friends and family? If this was your last day on earth, what would you say to them? What would you be proud of ...what would you regret?

How open are you to life's possibilities and the possibilities beyond what you currently believe? If you looked death in the eyes five minutes from now, what would you say or ask?

Critical Care tests all to understand and demonstrate what they are truly made of and with each of Peter's heartbeats we are one step closer to the truth...Are you ready?


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